CE POWER AB med ägare Christer Ekström slutar att vara Sales Partner för OMICRON Electronics vid årsskiftet!

Nu händer det som någon gång måste hända.

CE POWER AB med ägare Christer Ekström slutar att vara Sales Partner för OMICRON Electronics. Offerter görs och beställningar tas emot tills avslutet 2019-12-31. CE POWER AB kommer succesivt att avvecklas.
Detta beror till 100% på att jag nu har blivit 73 år och tänker vara pensionär på riktigt!

Jag vill tacka er alla, kunder, leverantörer, samarbetspartners, mm. Det är omöjligt att nämna er alla, då det är alldeles för många, det har varit en fantastisk tid med mycket glädje.
CE POWER AB har mer än 110 företag registrerade som kunder. Dessa kunder har köpt bland annat ca: 300 CMC apparater.
När jag började samarbeta med OMICRON var det på Siemens tiden, året var troligen 1989!

Jag har alltså jobbat med OMICRON i 30 År! Då var det 7 anställda på OMICRON, nu är de ca 750 personer plus alla Sales Partners.

Från 2020-01-01 tar OMICRON Sverige över försäljningen med Jan-Olov Ankartross (jan-olov.ankartross@omicronenergy.com), telefon: 070 510 2229 vid rodret.

2020-01-12  kommer Tom Gyldenstrand (tidigare Vattenfall Service Nord) börja på OMICRON som Sales & Application Engineer Nordics.

Stort och ödmjukt tack till er alla som hjälpt mig med den framgång vi haft.
Christer Ekström

CT Analyzer better than ever – for current transformer testing, calibration and assessment

OMICRON’s CT Analyzer was unique right from the start. It was the first device to facilitate effective on-site tests on current transformers (CTs). And there is still no other device available that allows comprehensive CT tests with accurate results within an operationally safe range of only 120 V. In addition, it weighs only 8 kg (17lbs).

To keep the device’s technology at the high level required by its continuously changing working environment, the CT Analyzer has been reworked once again. We are proud that we can now show the results.

Improved functionality

CT Analyzer’s sensitivity and its application range have been improved. You can now perform ac-curate excitation characteristics measurements of CTs with a wide knee-point range between 0.1 V and 40 kV. This makes the CT Analyzer an even better tool to test all different types of CTs, from small metering devices to large protection CTs typically installed in power equipment such as power transformers.

New operating software CT Analyzer Suite

The new CT Analyzer Suite is a complete redesign of the operating software supporting you through every single step of the testing process. During test preparation, you can make the necessary test and asset-related entries in the structured software form. Before test execution, wiring diagrams help you check the correct wiring of your measuring setup. Immediately after the tests you get an overview of the test results and an automated assessment of the CT condition.

Customized CT assessment

To date the CT Analyzer allowed a CT assessment to be carried out according to all CTrelevant international standards. In order to carry out an assessment which goes beyond the international standards (IEC, IEE), the new CT Analyzer Suite offers you the flexibility to define and use local national standards (for example Canadian or British standard) as well as your own corporate standards or assessment rules for all important CT parameters (such as ratio error, phase displacement, transient parameters, dynamic current range and burden-dependent CT performance). Additionally, OMICRON offers the facility to create such individual assessment rules based on your own requirements.

New accessories

The CT Analyzer also gets some new, helpful accessories for transport and operation. The new multi-functional transport case is a heavy-duty option with wheels and serves as a “sturdy outer housing”. All control elements of the CT Analyzer are on the front, allowing the device to be left in the case while testing. The lid is designed to be raised for use as a bench for a laptop while the CT Analyzer stays in the case. Attachable end plates can be used for mouse control or technical documents and offer further space for accessories. The new backpack is a smaller and lighter carrying option with wheels, extendable handle and shoulder straps. It is designed for simple mechanical protection.

Go with the best and get the improved CT Analyzer!


SAA2 Warning Lamp + Video

Scalable safety accessory to mark testing area

The new SAA2 is a small, lightweight, and scalable safety accessory that helps you to mark your testing area and warn people that the prohibition zone around the test setup must not be entered. The system is cascadable up to 6 lamps.

Depending on the status of the test device – in operation, ready to measure, etc. – the SAA2 shows either a green or red light. In addition to the red flash light, the SAA2 can also give an audible signal if a measurement is ongoing. It also offers an emergency button to stop the measurement immediately, if needed.

The warning lamp is equipped with magnetic holders and a hook. Thus, you can either attach it to any construction in the substation or place it on a tripod as a standalone version. The system is cascadable, so that you can decide whether you need one, two, four, or up to six signal lamps to mark your testing area.

SAA2 can be used with CPC 100/80, TESTRANO 600, COMPANO 100, CIBANO 500 and VOTANO 100. Via the control unit, the SAA2 can be combined with other OMICRON safety accessories, such as the SAA1 beeper, TRC1 remote control, SAB1 safety box and the remote safety switch.

Test Universe 4.00 available

Note: Most test modules offered in Test Universe 4.00 may be used offline (e.g. create, modify and view test documents incl. Control Center documents; get to know the features of a test module) even if a license is not present for them. A license per module and test set is needed to carry out a live test. For evaluation purposes, please contact your distributor/representative for a time limited license file.

Test Universe software updates are free of charge from version 2.0 or higher. If you still work with a version prior to 2.0 please contact your distributor/representative or the OMICRON office nearest you for pricing information.

Update information

To benefit from the latest update please download Test Universe 4.00 and its updates.
Alternatively you can order this software on DVD.

Note: For users still running Test Universe under Microsoft Windows XP – Test Universe 3.10 is the latest compatible version.


TestUniverse_4.00_x64.exe (2 GB)

Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit), Windows 8.1 (64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit)

TestUniverse_4.00_x86.exe (2 GB)

Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit), Windows 8.1 (32 bit), Windows 10 (32 bit)

What’s New

The new Test Universe 4.00 offers various new features and improvements.

  • Power and Advanced Power test modules
  • Auto-Save for Control Center tests
  • Restructured Start Page, also presenting ADMO, RelaySimTest and CMControl-P
  • All test modules installed and usable offline even without module license (license per CMC needed for actual test)
  • ADMO (single-place) included
    with unrestricted free test set management
    other ADMO features fully usable without license until end of 2019 (afterwards read-only without license)

Power modules:

These test modules aim at testing all applications which focus at and/or are assessed in the complex power domain P,Q resp. S, phi. The applications to be tested range from load shedding and stability functions like Q-V protection to power swing blocking to generator and motor protection as well as admittance testing (e.g. zero-sequence admittance protection against ground faults).

  • Complex power view P,Q
  • Complex zones/elements, definition similar to the way impedance zones are defined in Distance
  • Shots, defined as P,Q or S, phi
  • Ramps, defined in the P,Q plane (Advanced Power only)
  • Linear smooth or step ramps changing P and Q (line) or S and phi (arc) • Linear frequency change supported for ramps
  • Constant voltage or constant current model
  • R,X impedance view with impedance zones (e.g. distance protection), also transformed into and shown in the P,Q power view (Advanced Power only)
  • Test repetition with statistical analysis (Advanced Power only)
  • Mirrored/scaled currents for a second current triple, to avoid pick-up of differential elements during test shots (Advanced Power only)

StationScout – Testing your SAS through the whole lifecycle

IEC 61850 Substation Automation System testing

Testing automation, control, and SCADA communication in IEC 61850 Substation Automation System (SAS) is as time consuming as testing the protection – or often even more. StationScout simplifies the testing and reduces the required effort significantly.

With its powerful functions, StationScout is a specialist for the whole lifecycle of a SAS – from engineering to continuous maintenance. The clear status overview provides ideal support for commissioning and maintenance engineers during the different tasks in Substation Automation Systems utilizing IEC 61850.

Key features:

Status overview: StationScout provides a clear overview of the substation, visualizing the communication according to IEC 61850 in SCL files, values and states in the substation.

Signal tracing: The communication diagram of StationScout allows for signal tracing, from the overview down to the detailed communication message attributes.

Automated testing:
StationScout is able to re-use predefined test plans for an automated testing procedure.

Cyber security: The dedicated hardware of StationScout ensures cyber secure operation within the substation communication network.

Simulation: The powerful simulation features of StationScout simplify testing and commissioning. Missing IEDs and IOs can also be simulated.

Defining own names: IEC 61850 abbreviations are quite cryptic. Defining of own names in StationScout allows for comfortable asset handling.

Läs mer på: https://www.omicronenergy.com/en/products/stationscout