StationScout – Testing your SAS through the whole lifecycle

IEC 61850 Substation Automation System testing

Testing automation, control, and SCADA communication in IEC 61850 Substation Automation System (SAS) is as time consuming as testing the protection – or often even more. StationScout simplifies the testing and reduces the required effort significantly.

With its powerful functions, StationScout is a specialist for the whole lifecycle of a SAS – from engineering to continuous maintenance. The clear status overview provides ideal support for commissioning and maintenance engineers during the different tasks in Substation Automation Systems utilizing IEC 61850.

Key features:

Status overview: StationScout provides a clear overview of the substation, visualizing the communication according to IEC 61850 in SCL files, values and states in the substation.

Signal tracing: The communication diagram of StationScout allows for signal tracing, from the overview down to the detailed communication message attributes.

Automated testing:
StationScout is able to re-use predefined test plans for an automated testing procedure.

Cyber security: The dedicated hardware of StationScout ensures cyber secure operation within the substation communication network.

Simulation: The powerful simulation features of StationScout simplify testing and commissioning. Missing IEDs and IOs can also be simulated.

Defining own names: IEC 61850 abbreviations are quite cryptic. Defining of own names in StationScout allows for comfortable asset handling.

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OMICRON’s Roadshow Sweden, 9 -13 April 2018

Hej vecka 15 kommer vi att besöka ett antal platser med vår OMICRON buss.

  • Mölndal    9 April   Kl.09:00-11:00.
    Plats. Mölndals  Energi Nät AB, Aminogatan 21 031 866506 för grindöppning.
  • Karlstad    10 April   Kl.09:00-11:00.
    Plats. Rejlers Bergendorffsgatan 5B  65216 Karlstad.
  • Ludvika     11 April   Kl.09:00-11:00.
    Plats. Stora Parkeringen på STRI. Huvudentrén.
  • Västerås    12 April  Kl.09:00-11:00.
    Plats. ABB AB Grid Automation Products, Nätverksgatan 3 Byggnad 391 Lunda Finnslätten.
  • Stockholm 13 April.  Kl.09:00-11:00.
    Plats. Stockholms Ställverksservice AB, Sprängarvägen 3 13238 Saltsjö-Boo

Vi vill gärna att ni meddelar er om ni tänker komma !

PDF dokument för OMICRON’s Roadshow Sweden 2018!

Nytt från OMICRON! CMC 430, en kompakt test enhet.

CMC 430 med bl.a. 3*12,5A , 1*37,5A + 6*150V, utökar den välkända familjen CMC som skapades för mer än 25 år sedan .

CMC 430 är den lättaste test setet i världen 8,7Kg

Men ändå mycket kompakt 280*150*380 mm, och med en extremt noggrann kalibrator.

Dessutom kan vi komplettera CMC 430 med Wi-Fi adapter, som då kan användas till PC eller surfplatta. Redan mycket omtyckt !

Vidare också en utmärkt transportbox som kan användas som bord vid testningar.

Viktigt är också det välkända PC programmet med alla sina olika mjukvaruvarianter.

CMC 430 med bord

Mer finns att läsa i senaste OMICRON Magazine Issue 2 2107

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Önskar CE POWER alla vänner och bekanta !

Why partial discharge testing makes good sense

Partial discharge (PD) phenomena are in many cases the preliminary stage of a complete breakdown of the electrical insulation in high-voltage assets, which can lead to unplanned outages, high repair or replacement costs and lost production.

To prevent such unexpected occurrences, regular PD testing has proven to be a reliable diagnostic method for detecting failures in the insulation system of electrical assets before major damage or a breakdown occurs.

Our new white paper aims to familiarize you with the basics of partial discharge. Find out about the causes and consequences, as well as how it is measured and which criteria are important for selecting a PD measurement device.

Enjoy reading and watch out for our next paper of the month!

More Information


Electrical interferences in SFRA measurements

Since the introduction of the IEC 60076-18 (Edition 1.0) standard in 2012, the Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) method has become one of the most common electrical tests for condition diagnosis of power transformers. It provides comprehensive information about the mechanical and electrical integrity of the active part of power transformers.

In contrast to traditional diagnostic methods, the SFRA is sensitive to external electrical interferences which may limit the comparability and can consequently lead to misinterpretation of the measurement results.

This article discusses the theory of different noise sources and noise suppression techniques. Different case studies show the efficacy for measurements even in harsh conditions.

Enjoy reading and watch out for our paper of the month regularly!

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COMPANO 100 – Primary Injection, Secondary Injection and Basic Relay Test Set

COMPANO 100 is a unique battery-powered testing tool that’s lighter and easier to use than all of the comparable test sets on the market today.

For example, the test setup navigation operates intuitively via a jog dial wheel. In addition, predefined test modules can be started simply by pressing the respective button.

Due to its light weight, small size and rugged design COMPANO 100 is predestined for use in diverse field applications. Its long lasting power source even allows you to work flexibly in remote locations.

For more information about COMPANO 100, click here!


CPC 100 Rotating Machines Test System

The new package contains all the necessary components to perform the conventional tests on a rotating machine as described in the new application brochure:

  • C – PF/DF
  • High voltage source for PD Measurement
  • Voltage Withstand Test
  • DC – Resistance measurement
  • Pole Drop Test (Pole Impedance measurement)

Quotation Release:

  • will follow on November 1, 2016.

Delivery Release:

  • The package is available from December 31, 2016 onwards.

Download Brochures:

Protection & Testing Conference & Workshop – OMICRON hosted Event October 25–27, 2016

We welcome you to experience an interesting program and network with peers and experts at the OMICRON Protection & Testing Conference & Workshop UK.

This unique event will offer presentations by industry specialists and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in practical demonstrations with the latest OMICRON equipment.

Get an idea of the program

Tuesday, October 25
16:00–18:00 Arrival and Check-In
18:00 Welcome Evening

Wednesday, October 26
09:00–17:00 Conference Day
19:00 Dinner

Thursday, October 27
09:00–15:30 Workshop Day
from 15:30 Departure

For detailed information on the conference presentations and the workshop topics, please consult the pdfprogram (132 KB).

Who should attend

  • Protection and measurement engineers working for utilities, railway, industry
  • Manufacturers of protective equipment
  • Service providers, project companies
  • Regulatory authorities, consultants
  • Universities
  • Attendance fee

The attendance fee of £570 includes all event sessions, the evening program, conference documents as well as break and lunch catering. Furthermore, costs for two nights’ luxury accommodation are also included.

Should you have further questions about the event, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Ny version av Test Universe för CMC 3.10

Här är några förbättringar som kommer i den nya versionen av OMICRON Test Universe för CMC 3.10.

  • Kompatibel med Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Bättre stöd för högre skärm/monitor upplösningar.
  • Fokusering på den nya IEC 61850 Client / Server -modulen. ( ingår ej , måste köpas som licens)
  • Ny Isio Connect -modul (ingår gratis med Test Universe 3.10).
  • Generella funktionsförbättringar från tidigare versioner.

Den nya versionen kommer att vara tillgänglig för nedladdning för kunder från ca:7 juli.

Ladda ner pdf dokumentet för vad som är nytt i OMICRON Test Universe 3.10 här.