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Inbjudan till OMICRON Academy Training – Testing with the CMC Test System Kurs, 10-12 September 2019

OMICRON Academy Training i samarbete med CE Power AB Power System Protection Testing with the CMC Test System Datum: Vecka 37, 10-12 September 2019 Varaktighet: 3 dagar Språk: English Var: Hotel Sunlight Nyköping, Sweden Bokning av Hotell-rum, görs av deltagarna själva som bokar sina rum DIREKT till hotellet via mail eller telefon och uppger […]

SAA2 Warning Lamp + Video

Scalable safety accessory to mark testing area The new SAA2 is a small, lightweight, and scalable safety accessory that helps you to mark your testing area and warn people that the prohibition zone around the test setup must not be entered. The system is cascadable up to 6 lamps. Depending on the status of the […]

Test Universe 4.00 available

Note: Most test modules offered in Test Universe 4.00 may be used offline (e.g. create, modify and view test documents incl. Control Center documents; get to know the features of a test module) even if a license is not present for them. A license per module and test set is needed to carry out a live test. […]

StationScout – Testing your SAS through the whole lifecycle

IEC 61850 Substation Automation System testing Testing automation, control, and SCADA communication in IEC 61850 Substation Automation System (SAS) is as time consuming as testing the protection – or often even more. StationScout simplifies the testing and reduces the required effort significantly. With its powerful functions, StationScout is a specialist for the whole lifecycle of […]

OMICRON Power Academy IEC61850 Basics, Application and Testing Kursen, Nyköping 21-23 Augusti 2018 är nu genomförd

CE POWER AB har ännu en gång arrangerat en kurs med OMICRON Power Academy Lärare var Jacob Vogelberg 12 deltagare från Svenska Kraftnät Innehåll den här gången var ”IEC61850 Basics, Application and Testing ” Kursen och boendet var på Clarion-Collection Hotel Kompaniet i Nyköping. På onsdagskvällen kunde alla njuta av de fina bilarna som Nyköpings […]