Från ELFACK Mässan i Göteborg 9-12 Maj 2017

Tack alla kunder och vänner som intresserade sig för OMICRON och våra nya produkter.

BEERANO rönte stort intresse, och drickat som kom ur den fick mycket beröm !
CMC 430 vår nya lilla smidiga provapparat för det flesta applikationer. Endast 8,7 Kg. OBS. packlådan som blir arbetsbord.
COMPANO 100 Lätt 10 Kg. Batteridriven Prov-apparat för de enklare provningarna, ström, spänning, Micro-ohm meter, mm. hittar ni mer information.

Electrical interferences in SFRA measurements

Since the introduction of the IEC 60076-18 (Edition 1.0) standard in 2012, the Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) method has become one of the most common electrical tests for condition diagnosis of power transformers. It provides comprehensive information about the mechanical and electrical integrity of the active part of power transformers.

In contrast to traditional diagnostic methods, the SFRA is sensitive to external electrical interferences which may limit the comparability and can consequently lead to misinterpretation of the measurement results.

This article discusses the theory of different noise sources and noise suppression techniques. Different case studies show the efficacy for measurements even in harsh conditions.

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